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Department of Business Administration  
(including MBA program)
This department aims to provide quality education of business innovation and development in general fields of business. Its mission is to prepare students for the first-line management in both public and private sectors upon graduation and for being successful managers and leaders in their future careers. This would be made possible by doing the following: 
l Design a broad spectrum of business courses for students to develop their managerial competences in general fields of business. 
l Provide diversified programs integrated with a strong fundamental study in business. 
l Build core trainings in business innovation and production management. 
The department also provides a MBA program. It originated from the Institute of Management established in 2003 (renamed as the MBA degree program of College of Management in 2008). It aims to provide high-quality theoretical and practical education on general business administration to foster students becoming intermediate- to high-ranking managers and leaders in their future careers.
Department of Marketing & Logistics 
This department provides an innovative, critical thinking and creative environment committed to the excellence and elegance of global marketing and logistics education. It offers a solid education in the theory and practice of global marketing and logistics, also, provides opportunities to a more thoroughly study in a particular aspect of one field. Therefore, they can succeed and thrive in tomorrow's challenging global marketplace. The focuses are on consumer behavior, development and analysis of marketing strategies, retail management, marketing research, sales management, channel distribution, and logistics. Its missions are to offer students a wide range of perspectives on what makes successful marketing and logistics as well as a broad selection of programs designed to prepare students for a variety of careers. 
l Provide practical education in specific topics of study and offer an educational experience including a strong emphasis on social responsibility in global marketing and logistics. 
l Design for students to plan and execute the conception development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products and to manage customer relationships that benefit their organization and their stakeholders. 
l Prepare students for careers in sales, marketing research, brand management, retail marketing, marketing communications, distribution and transportation, and for graduate studies in business, advertising, and logistics.
Department of Finance
This department aims to provide theoretical and practical education on finance, investments and financial institution management. Its mission is to carefully prepare students for challenging and highly responsible careers in managing the financial operations of businesses, private and public institutions, by the following measures: 
l Design a broad spectrum of finance courses for students to develop their competences in fields of financial management. 
l Provide diversified programs integrated with a strong fundamental study in finance, economics and management.
l Build on core trainings in finance, investments, and financial institution management.
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Program
The EMBA degree program was launched in 2007. It originally subordinated to the Institute of Management but now under the College of Management. This program aims to advance the innovative knowledge for the professionals in various industries, focusing on advanced business administration, marketing, finance, management practices. To practice cooperate governance skills, all students in each academic year are required to form a company and to take part in the real operation and management of that company. In addition, the topics of master theses are related to the issues of that company.